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Notes from Jennifer:

– Nice-sized thumbnail pics of each house with house name, bedroom/bathroom #, SQFT.
 -I need to double check on what the client prefers for the main image for homes not yet/ever built.Maybe just a black and white sketch. stay tuned.
 – Include simple/brief instructions on page for users to click through to each home for additional photos, floor plans, and details.
-Some home details forwarded via email today (5/8). – I don’t think we got details for ALL of the homes. I will double check.
– I need to get some completed interior pics for the click-thru photo albums for each plan (for those that have actually been built and completed).
– Each plan (on the individual house plan page – not the main “Available Homes” page) should have a “request more info” link that connects a form directly to the realtor’s email address ( She should be able to trace exactly which plan the user is inquiring about by some sort of code you were telling me about, Dan.